Welcome to my little world of darling Cotons.

I discoveredd this gorgeous breed during an exhibition in Holland and immediately I fell in love with these lovely, darling dogs and their pure nature.


Ysaura Of The Swift Cotton
Zodiac Of The Swift Cotton
My first Coton originates from Holland.
"George of the Emperor's Dream" came to live with us in 1994.
He's a mafnificent dog and as the breeder Mr. Bonneveld and Mrs. Ceriez both encouraged me to take him to exhibitions, he soon put numerous titles to his record.
In the year 1996, both Jamaique and Manon du Domaine de la Rouvière came to join George.
Manon became a Multiple Champion, with 10 titles amongst World Winner 1998 in Helsinki.
In my first hombred litter there were three puppies - 1 male and 2 females - and all three stayed with us.
Two of them also became Multiple Champions, Victor en Vogue.
Then it was time to go and look for a new site. Through Mrs Ceriez we managed to purchaise Playboy.
This lovely male obtained his first Championship at the age of 16 months.
The succesionis assured through two daughters om Manon : Yamara and Ysaura.
From that day one we didn't stop anymore with breeding and showing Champions.